Sunday, February 17, 2013

Young Love is A Purple Unicorn

Yesterday I witnessed an innocent moment of  young love.  My boys were invited to a girl's birthday party from their old daycare.  My youngest has always had a thing for her.  He counts her as one of his many girl friends, perhaps his first.

Having no idea what to buy her, we went to Toys R Us and I told the boys they could pick out one gift each.  I already envisioned the mom using the oh so handy gift receipt to return the boyish presents mine were likely to buy.

S decided that he was going to buy a stuffed pony and L a Barbie.  And sure enough, S zeroed in on a purple unicorn and L settled on Merida from Brave. 

The party was fun, a few old friends from daycare were there.  Sean was so excited to give A her gift, and was disappointed that she wasn't going to open the presents there at the party due to time constraints.  He was so disappointed that  A's mother bent the rules and let A open our gift in secret.  As soon as she saw the purple unicorn, she hugged it and exclaimed that she had been wanting a purple unicorn forever.  Sean beamed.  It was a sweet moment that I hope they both remember when they're old and grey. 

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